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Brushware and Brooms

Product Name


Hygiene Brooms

Available with soft and stiff bristles, fits with hygiene and composite handles.

12 & 18 Inch Deluxe Brooms

Available with soft and stiff bristles, and five colours.

Deck Scrubs - WD00

Fits with Heavy Gauge 120cm handle only.

Professional - WPS

Dustpan and Brush sets.

Elipse - WPET

Dustpan and Brush sets, More suited to household and retail use.

Deluxe Washing up brush - WWDLAS

For all general washing up duties.

Toilet Sets

Closed, Semi-closed and fully-open sets available.

Nail Brushes - WNN*12

White with coloured bristles.

Lobby Dustpan and Brush - LP0B36

A handy, complete sweeping kit.

Economy Scrubbing Brush - WN00NAHand held scrubbing brush.
Baggy sweeping set - WPFQBU"use and dispose" Baggy guarantees quick and at the same time hygienic cleaning.


Product Name


36 ltr Big Mouth Bucket and wringer - MW**G60

36 litre capacity contract bucket combo.

25ltr Kentucky Bucket and wringer - MW**25

25L capacity bucket on 75mm castors.

25ltr Top bucket and wringer - MW**30

25L bucket on 75mm castors

20ltr Speedy bucket and wringer - MW**200

20L bucket on 50mm castors.

15ltr Professional bucket and wringer - WQ15**

Large wringer accommodate larger mops.

12ltr Hygiene bucket and wringer - WQ12**

Side pouring lip for easy dispersal of water.

7+8 ltr compartment Double Bucket and wringer - WQDS**

Twin section bucket for a clean rinse every time.

Black Builders Bucket - WR15BL

Made from a sturdy rubber compound.

10ltr Plastic Pail - WR02**

10L general purpose pail.

10ltr Homeware bucket - UHB*10

10L plastic bucket.

15ltr Galvanised Bucket and wringer - OBWR03

Great for more traditional cleaning requirements.

12ltr Galvanised Pail - OB0012Galvanised after manufacture, eliminating any potential rust.

Socket Mops

Product Name



Thick absorbent cotton yarn for everyday use.


Thinner, more durable twine yarn for a more professional job.

Push and screw thread sockets

Sizes 10-16 CHSA mop standard approved.

Hygiemix Socket Mops

Unique blend of cotton and synthetic yarn.

Big White Socket Mops

Light and easy to use.

Clip and Metal Sockets

For a more traditional method of cleaning.

Hygiene Socket Mop

50/50 mix of polyester and viscose yarn.

Biofresh Socket Mop

50/50 mix of polyester and cotton..

Exel Adaptor - PRAX

Converts non Robert Scott products to exel fittings.

Abbey Adaptor - PRAD

Converts non Robert Scott products to Abbey hygiene handles.

Flat Mopping (No Bucket Required)

Product Name


Flat Mop with Pockets - FT0006

Looped cotton and synthetic yarn mixture for hard wearing performance.

Flatmop with Ears - FT0007

Can be used with bucket and side gear press wringer.

Microfibre Flat Mop - FT0004

Can be used with Break Frames(MHP0001/MH0000) - not included Superb results on non-slip floors and tiles.

Break Frame - MH00000

Fits with Ears (FT0007) and microfibre mop (FT0004) - not included.

Aluminium Velcro Backed Frame - MHVM**

For use with Microtex mopping system (FTCF74/66).

Velcro Backed Microfibre Mops

Fits with lightweight aluminium frames (MHVM24/40).

Microfibre Mopping

Product Name


Microfibre Flat Mop - FTCF74

Multi-angle holder, making hard-to-reach areas easy to clean.

Microfibre Flat Mop (with pockets) - FT0066

Bigger head for larger surface coverage such as halls and corridors.

Microfibre Bonnet Mop - BMM*

15" and 17" pads available.

Exel Range

Product Name


Exel Socket Mops PY & Twine

Easy to remove and longer lasting.

Exel Revolution Mop - YLX*

High strength and absorbency.

Exel Big White Mop - PSWH

Light and easy to use.

Exel Bio - YCX**

Antibacterial triclosan spun into yarn (not impregnated).

Exel Prairie Mop - KASN

Kentucky mop with fitting already attached.

Exel Handle - YYX*54

Easy push fitting completes Exel mop range.

Exel Tuffwipe - RE**19Removes stains better than a normal dishcloth.
Exel Adaptor - PRAXConverts non Robert Scott products to exel fittings.

Sponge Mops

Product Name


Standard - WM00**

Very cost effective.

Wonderdry - WMWD

Ideal for lightweight and fast spill reaction mopping.

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